How To Submit A Job

Modified on: Fri, 20 Jan, 2023 at 8:25 PM

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1.  Go to the jobs tab and select "New Job". This will take you to the Details step of the eCOC workflow.

2. Details

  1. A name will be required to save your template, however you can change the name at any time by using the Edit function.
  2. Based on your invoice company, you can choose the person the invoice will be sent to. If you can't find the right person, select “(Custom)” and enter their name, phone and email address in the boxes provided.
  3. If the analytical report goes to the same company as the one that gets the invoice, then leave this as “Same as Invoice To”, then select the Report Attention. If the report goes to another company, choose it from the list of “Report To” companies.
  4. To include criteria on the Certificate of Analysis, use the drop down list to pick up to two different criteria policies.
  5. Under the "Project Information", select your submission type. This will help to define the required information as you move through the next steps.
  6. If you already have a previous job that you want to set up a template for, you can simply select the icon to enter the BV Job #. All the details will be imported into the template, including project, sample and analytical requirements.
  7. If you are doing Environmental work in Ontario, please indicate if this submission is part of a Record of Site Condition.
  8. For drinking water samples you must complete the waterworks information
  9. Click "Save & Next" to save your template and move to the next step.

3.  Tests

  1. Choose from recommended tests or a specific quote to display a list of tests. To narrow the list start typing a name, matrix, parameter or method in the “Search Selected Quote” field.
  2. Check one or more Packages to add to the “Available Tests” box and then press "Add" to move them to the "Selected Tests" box on the right. 
  3. If you can’t find the test or are unsure which one to select, you can manually add a test. Simply type the name of the test you require and click theicon. The appropriate test will be applied to the submission upon receipt at the lab. Click “Save & Next” to save your template and move to the next step.


4. Samples

  1. For each sample, you must provide your sample ID, matrix, number of bottles and test selection before you submit a job. Depending on your submission type, a sampling date must also be provided. Sampling time is optional; however, this information is often used to determine analytical hold times.
  2. For food submissions, if you want to create a composite, click “Create Composite” to define your composite sample. Your composite sample will be indicated with a "C" icon to the left of your Sample ID. A row will appear below connected to the composite sample with a red line, ready for you to start adding your first component. Once you have added all the required information for your first component, another line will appear below for you to enter the next composite. Continue this process until you have all components added, leaving the last row empty.
  3. In the More Values column, when the circular plus icon is coloured blue, there are mandatory "More Values" to enter before you can submit your job.
  4. Choose “Save & Next” to save your template and move to the next step.

5. Shipping

  1. Add your shipping information which includes your destination, ETA in the lab, shipping method, waybill # and service level. Your service level determines whether you want the job as a rush or standard TAT. 

6. Summary

  1. On the summary page you will see an overview of the submission process. Review the summary and ensure all information is correct.
  2. If you want to make an edit, select the edit icon next to the desired step. This will direct you to the corresponding step in the submission process. 
  3. Once you are satisfied with you order click "Submit".   

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