Shelf-Life Submission: How do I enter samples that need to be tested in replicates on the same day?

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To indicate shelf-life samples that need to be tested in replicates, follow these steps:

  1. Determine how many sample rows you will need:
                        # of Testing Days  *  # of Test Replicates per day
                        E.g. 5 testing days  *  3 tests/day = 15 sample rows needed in total
  2. With a submission type of Food, Shelf-Life, in step 3 of ECOC TEMPLATES or JOBS, complete the sample details in the first row, including Sample ID, Matrix, # Bottles, Production Date and Tests required.
  3. Select to the left of the sample ID. Adjust the number of copy by using the upward and downward arrows, this should equal to the total number of sample rows minus one. Click .
  4. Update the Day in each row. When complete, press “Save & Next” to continue to the next step. Below is an example with three testing days and three rounds of testing in each.

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