What is the difference between High pressure and Low pressure breathing systems.

Modified on: Thu, 24 Jan, 2019 at 9:41 AM

Compressed breathing air systems are typically either low pressure or high pressure systems based on operating pressure of the compressor system. The technical description in CSA Z180.1 defines it as: Low Pressure is 15 psi to 2216psi (manufacture’s rating), and High Pressure is 2216psi and above.

In practical sampling terms, we use two types of cylinders.

1.        Low Pressure cylinders are designed for systems with an operating pressure range of 15-160 psi.  Never use a low pressure cylinder on a high pressure system.

2.       High pressure cylinders are designed for sampling systems with an operating pressure range of 2216 psi and above.  It is recommended that high pressure systems delivery pressure be regulated down to 1000psi when sampling.

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