Paying Invoices Online

Modified on: Thu, 30 May, 2019 at 10:34 AM

The Customer Portal provides and convenient and secure way to pay your invoices. 


1. Using the menu, you can view all your invoices.  You can filter by Paid, Balance Due or All invoices and sort by any of the column headers.  Click the invoice of interest and select to view or pay.  Clicking view will provide you with a PDF copy of the original invoice

2. Select one or multiple invoices using the check boxes to the left.  If you are paying a single invoice you can either use the inline menu and click the "Pay Invoice" icon, or if you have selected multiple invoices use the  button, a payment summary page will show you the total amount to be paid.

3. Click "Proceed with Payment" and enter payment details. Once you have entered your details click " Process transaction" to finish your transaction.

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