Viewing Exceedences In My Samples

Modified on: Tue, 21 May, 2019 at 2:34 PM

An Exceedence occurs when test results for its parameters fall outside the acceptable range or criteria. The acceptable range or criteria may be defined by a regulatory authority or by client.

How to View Exceedences

Exceedences are given for each sample in a job. They can be found in the Job Details page. 

1. Go to the "Jobs" tab and scroll to the desired job, click the three vertical red dotsto open the inline menu.

2. Select "View" to show all tests for the job.  In the overview of the job, it will mark if any exceedences were found.

3. If yes, you can filter through each sample with the job to find the exceedence. Click the header "Exceedences" to filter based on exceedences.

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