What is the Recommended Tests Function? How does it work?

Modified on: Fri, 8 May, 2020 at 6:52 PM

The Recommended Tests function is available in ECOC TEMPLATES and JOBS. You can access this function in the 2nd step of the process, where tests are selected. The recommendations provided are based on your submission history in the last 5 years.

There are two ways to use this function:

  1. Select a quote from the dropdown menu and click the Recommended Tests tab. This will yield suggestions based on the selected quote.
  2. You can also click the Recommended Tests tab after tests are added to the Selected Tests panel. This will generate recommendations based on the chosen tests.

Some Useful Tips!

  • You will receive an alert message as shown in the figure below if: 
    1. The tests in that quote were not used in the last 5 years, or
    2. The chosen test combination cannot be matched to any one submission in the last 5 years

 You may change your test selection and try again.

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