Difference between Nitrates and Nitrites reported as N under “Nutrients” and NO3/NO2 under “Calculated parameters”:

Modified on: Mon, 4 Apr, 2022 at 9:34 AM

The difference comes from the fact that dissolved nitrate is expressed in mg/L (as N), and the calculated value is converting the results to mg/L (NO3).

Take the data below as an example:

When a result of nitrate (as N) of 2.2 mg/L (as N) are converted to NO3, the molecular weight will be used:

Dissolved NO3 (as N) * [molecular weight NO3 / molecular weight N] = Dissolved NO3 (as NO3)

2.2 mg/L * [62.0049/14.0067] = 9.74 mg/L

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