Can you test for Tetraethyl lead?

Modified on: Thu, 6 Feb, 2020 at 1:15 PM

Yes.  The Burnaby location has been accredited by CALA for TetraEthyl Lead analysis in both soils and waters.

BBY SOP 00060R2



Required container

2 x 250mL Amber Glass 

Preservative:  5mL of 6N Sodium Hydroxide

Filled to the top with zero headspace 

Soil jar 120mL

Minimum Volume500 mL5 g


10 days

10 days

Reported Parameter

TEL only 

TEL only

Detection Limit

0.0005 ug/L

0.0005 mg/kg

Hold Time

14 days (extracts 40 days)

14 days (extracts 40 days)

Test code



Soils - Measured amount of soil samples are extracted with mixed acetone and hexane using a mechanical shaker (Accelerated Mechanical Extractor -AME)

Waters - Samples are extracted with hexane using a liquid-liquid extraction in separatory funnels.

An aliquot of the extract is injected into the GC where the separation of analyte is based on compound size, boiling point and polarity.

The extracts are analyzed by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, including triple quadrupole GC/MSMS.

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