What are Email Notifications?

Modified on: Wed, 14 Apr, 2021 at 10:36 AM

If you would like to receive submission progress information you can enable email notifications alerts. 

There are three different submission milestones that you can assign an email notification for:

Job Received

  • A notification will be issued when samples are first inspected and entered into our system (this is after they have been initially received). You will also receive an image of the COC (Chain of Custody). 

Job Reported

  • A notification will be issued when a job is reported the tests have completed and the data is now available.


  • A notification will be issued when there is a result exceedence of a specified criteria. 

You can also adjust the preferences on each of the above notifications with the following options.

On-All Jobs

  • All notifications sent to the logged in user's email address. This is the default and will send all the notification to whoever is the account user.

On-All Jobs Sent to

  • You can use this option if you are monitoring projects for a colleague that is absent.


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