What is the Sample ID Management Tool? How do I use it?

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Sample IDs routinely submitted for laboratory analysis can be saved, managed, and accessed by any member of an organization with a customer portal account through a feature library called Sample ID Management.

Once Sample IDs have been saved to the library, predictive search capabilities become enabled and eCOC submissions are easier than ever to complete.

How to Add Samples to Sample ID Management

  1. From Step 3 of ECOC TEMPLATES or JOBS, press the “Manage Samples” button to open a new window called Sample ID Management.

  2. Enter your sample name to the “Sample ID” field. Select a matrix from the picklist and press "+" to add the entry. Repeat this step for all IDs you would like to store in the library.

  • Sample IDs must be unique.
  • Sample ID Management library is created by Facility (a.k.a Report Address); it is not shareable between facilities within an organization.
  • The header fields (Sample ID & Matrix) also act as a filter to locate records saved to the library.
  • You may create sample ID records without the use of a mouse: Enter sample ID > Click Tab > Enter matrix keywords > Click Tab and Enter > The cursor will return to the Sample ID field.


How to Delete/Edit Samples Saved to Sample ID Management

  1. From the Sample ID Management screen, press next to the sample ID.

  2. Select one of the following options:
Delete: To permanently delete samples individually
Multi DeleteTo display selection boxes that allow multiple sample selection. Samples given a check mark will be permanently deleted after pressing the "Delete" button. Press "Cancel" to abort.
Edit: Sample ID and Matrix fields become editable. Save or cancel changes when complete.

  • Use the header filters to search for records of interest before opening the menu. It will make it easier to locate the sample and reduce the chance of error.

Completing Routine Submissions Supported by Sample ID Management

As text is entered to the Sample ID field during Step 3 of ECOC TEMPLATES or JOBs, queries are performed against the library and will display a dropdown picklist of matching IDs. When a desired value is selected, Sample ID and Matrix information will be loaded to the active row.

  • The Sample ID field remains fully editable, allowing additional information to be added or removed without impacting the record stored in Sample ID Management.
  • If the sample ID you are entering does not exist in the picklist, continue to type without interruption.  When there are no more matches available, the picklist will disappear.
  • Use the Expand/Collapse function to increase or decrease the size of the Sample ID field.

Some Useful Tips!

  • When getting started, it is likely that you will have a large list of Sample IDs to load, let us help. Contact your Sales/Customer Service Representative for more information on tools that can support updates on mass.
  • Sample ID and Matrix in Sample ID Management can be sorted in three different ways: by ascending order, by descending order, or by the most recent entry. You may sort by Sample ID alone, by Matrix alone, or in combination.

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