How do I submit samples for hydraulic conductivity (KSAT)?

Modified on: Thu, 21 Apr, 2022 at 1:28 PM

Soil samples for saturated hydraulic conductivity (KSAT) can be collected and submitted in several ways including:

  • Loose soil (in well-sealed Ziploc bags or other airtight container) – if submitted in this way, samples can be packed into the core using the Standard Proctor method of compaction requiring 4kg (wet) of soil.  Three (3) large ziplock bags of soil is typically sufficient. 
  • Field Cores – should be collected from the field and submitted in an intact soil clod, wrapped in plastic.
  • A Shelby Tube – collected in the field and should have both ends seals (either very well wrapped and sealed with plastic or with plastic ends intended for sealing a Shelby Tube).  All the soil in the Shelby Tube should be compacted in the tube (no loose soil in the tube). Shelby Tubes should NOT be crimped at either end.  The Shelby Tube is cut or the soil is extracted from the Shelby tube and a 2 x 4.75 cm core in then inserted into the undisturbed soil and this core is then used for the analysis. Bureau Veritas Laboratories does not provide Shelby Tubes.

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