What are Filtration fees?

Modified on: Wed, 11 May, 2022 at 12:14 PM

Some analyses, dissolved parameters for example, must be filtered prior to analysis (and in many cases also preserved).  It is always best to filter (and preserve) in the field at the time of sampling, however, in some cases that may not be possible. When it is not possible for you to filter (and/or preserve) your sample, the laboratory can do this for you. 

Different parameters require the use of different filters (different types, sizes, etc) and/or preservatives, so when a number of parameters are requested on your sample that require lab filtration and/or preservation, a number of separate filters, filtration processes or preservatives would be required.  

Because of this, more than one filtration fee may apply on a single sample. We are happy the provide this service, however, the fee is $10 per sample per filtration will generally apply.  There would generally be one filtration per group of parameters (nutrients, metals, mercury, hexavalent chromium, etc).  

Please see our fee schedules at the following link for details on filtration fees https://www.bvna.com/environmental-ih-laboratories/resources/fee-schedules

Please also view our Water Filtration Guide.

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